Visiting Maggy London in NYC

Have you heard of Maggy London dresses? If not, you need to look at their site.

I learned about Maggy London by accident. I was looking for dresses to wear to church. I wanted something that was feminine and modest, but my budget requires that my purchases have more than one use. As a mother of 4, I am careful with my spend. Plus, I hate going to stores, the parking, the loss of time…so I got on the internet and started to search for a dress. I found Maggy London.

Maggy Website

(The snap above, just happened to be a screen shot of the website when I was writing this article 🙂 )

The site has many beautiful dresses that meet my requirements. The models look amazing, but how would the dresses look on me? Shipping and returns are free, Maggy sends a fully paid return label in the package, so you put the dress back in the bag, put the label on the package and call Fed Ex. You can’t beat that! There isn’t a lot of risk so I ordered two dresses. Maggy is always having sales, so I even got the dresses for 20% off, plus free shipping. WIN, WIN.

Fitting Room

When the dresses arrived, they were packaged with care. Wrapped in pink tissue and placed in a zippered bag, I felt like I was getting a gift. Was it my birthday? No, but it felt like my birthday. Plus the dresses were beautiful. The colors, fabric, and fit were too good to be true. Instant fan.

I have ordered many dresses since that time, and because I am always happy to share my opinion, I now support one of Maggy’s customer interaction groups. Maggy even invited me to be in their “Spring in Texas Campaign”. It was so much fun, I got some beautiful dresses and met some wonderful Maggy team members.

When I knew I was heading to NYC, I decided I had to see the place where all the magic happens. So I reached out to my contacts and scheduled a visit.


Maggy London is located in the heart of New York City’s bustling and electric garment district. The building is a piece of art deco with elevators that require you to designate your floor before you get on. A little confusing for me, but I made it to the right floor.


Once up to Maggy’s floor I was greeted by the interns. One of those smiling faces, Claire, is a charming college student that I met during the Spring in Texas photo shoot. All of these talented young people were friendly and very enthusiastic. Their energy gives you a great feeling about the business.

Within minutes I was greeted by Via, the PR and Social Media Coordinator, and Shannon, the Content Lead. It was great seeing them as they were also part of the team that came to Texas. They introduced me to more friendly faces that I recognized from various social media promotions.  What really struck me is that everyone clearly enjoyed their jobs.

Then Jon joined the group. Jon is the Chief Operations Officer at Maggy London. Jon took me on a tour of the company. I saw the marketing team where everyone is working on using social media to get the word out. I saw costing, where teams of people figure out the cost of producing a dress. I saw people designing the patterns and sewing the samples so that Maggy can get bids to produce the dresses. I also got to meet the people who design the fabrics and the styles, seasons before we see them on the internet or in stores. They have rooms full of lace, zippers, buttons, collars, belts and everything you can imagine. Maggy London has many brands…London Times, London Times Curve, etc. So much creativity that your head spins…plus everything is so beautiful.


Jon introduced me to his wonderful father who founded Maggy London 40 years ago. The tour ended sitting in Jon’s office hearing about different ideas that he wants to implement. Jon has a lot of vision, and he has a great team. There will be lots more success in Maggy London’s future.

After a super meeting, I went out for a late lunch with Via and Shannon. I told them that they have to come back to Texas…since the Lone Star State provides many great photo opportunities for Maggy dresses.

It is great, when by chance, you find a great product. It is even better when you find out the product is created by people you like and admire. That is Maggy London.

Maria Wiemann





Freedom. With the end of the Memorial Day weekend we must consider how fortunate we are to live in America.

We are free to vote, to express our opinions, and to pursue our dreams if we do not violate the law or deprive another of their rights.

This freedom has been protected by men and women throughout America’s history and continues to be protected today.

Men and women who we do not know stand guard for this country. Some are here on our shores. Others are away from their families, in other lands, fulfilling the duties of America’s military. They sacrifice their lives and families for America.

Their work takes courage, but it also takes great love. Love of country and its citizens. A love that includes a willingness to sacrifice and live a dangerous life for people that they may never know.

To all these people, who guarded America in the past, and continue to guard her today and into the future, we remember you and say, “Thank You.”

Maria Wiemann

Law and Order


Should we respect the laws of this nation and expect everyone that comes here to uphold our laws? Yes.

I like leaving my home and counting on everyone to drive inside the lines as they use the roads and freeways in my city. People follow the road rules because they know that those rules are enforced and violations are punished.

I like not having to build a high wall with glass on top of it to protect my home and to prevent people from throwing litter on my property. I don’t need the wall because the laws protecting my personal and real property are enforced and violations are punished.

I like being able to go to church and worship God. I can do this because the laws protecting my religious freedoms are protected.

These are just three things I enjoy. There are so many more. These freedoms exist because of the laws that protect my rights and punish those who would try to take those rights away.

What would happen if the laws were not enforced? I expect that many of us would see a decrease in our rights. More people would engage in activities that infringe on the rights of others. After all, by not enforcing the laws, we are motivating people to break the laws.

Eventually, we are faced with chaos. A nation where people break the law. A nation where only those with strength and power have any rights. Surely this is not what we want. The very reason that people want to come to America is because of the life that this nation promises. But that way of life can only exist in a society where laws are respected and enforced.

So, let’s uphold the laws. Let’s support those who enforce them. Let’s protect the rights and freedoms that belong to every person that is legally in this country.

Maria Wiemann