Why Do I Go?



On Saturday mornings at 6:00 am I get in my car and begin the 35 minute commute to the city…

There isn’t much traffic at that time, except at the abortion center.

As I drive up the small alley, where the prayer support and I stand, I see at least 13 young college kids wearing vests and acting as “sidewalk escorts” on the left and 5 or 6 prayer warriors holding rosaries and praying out loud on the right.

In the next two hours I watch 22-30 women walk into the center to end the lives of their babies. The majority of these women are African-American.

There is no question as to why they are here since the security guard always wears a t-shirt that proudly proclaims “ The Women’s Center : 100% Abortion it’s all we do.”

There are no other businesses open in that building on those Saturday mornings… and there definitely aren’t any other businesses open at 6:30 in the morning.

Every women that comes is offered information about alternatives by the sidewalk counsellors like myself.

These pamphlets have phone numbers for local crisis pregnancy centers that offer housing, monetary support, and community support. They educate the women of possible side effects of abortion such as anxiety, depression, breast cancer, Pre term deliveries and death.

Sadly very few of these pamphlets are read by the men and women going in.  As they are walking up to the doors the sidewalk escorts speak to them in a loud voice to cover our pleas. They tell them that we are protestors and we are just trying to take away their choice. Yet, I wonder “who” is actually taking away these women’s ability to choose? Even if we get a pamphlet into their hands the sidewalk escorts will often take it away from them saying “You don’t need that… it’s all lies.”  So, these poor women don’t have a chance to know or be reminded that there are other options.

Yes, they may have thought long and hard about this choice before they came, but maybe they weren’t aware that there is support; that they could have a place to live; or a community that would help them in a multitude of ways.

When I meet post abortive women in my office as a obgyn physician, 90% of them regret their choice. With tears streaming down their cheeks they talk about how they wish they knew about the support available at that time. They talk about the emptiness they experience on the death anniversary of their child, how they always look at children who are the age their child would have been, how they are triggered by news about abortion on the television, radio and in politics.  But they feel is too late now… all they can do is try to heal.

So why do we go? If we can rarely get the information into their hands and it’s hard to speak to them, why go?

We go because it is our duty to be there and be the voice for the voiceless. To be the one person who says, “Sweetheart we can help you.” We go there to participate in the spiritual battle. To pray with all of our might for a conversion of heart in the mothers, fathers, workers and escorts. To pray that at least one of these precious lives will be spared. And thanks to the info given to us by abortion workers who have left the industry like Abby Johnson, we KNOW that our loving, peaceful, prayerful presence makes a difference. We know that when we are there, fewer people go through with their abortions. More lives are saved.

So I continue to wake up at 5:30 am on Saturdays to try to save at least one baby through the intercession of our most amazing Father in heaven. I wish you would consider joining me there.

Dr. Monique Ruberu